Our Class

Our Class

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some Excerpts from Manatee/Humanity

Key Excerpts from Manatee/Humanity

Consider our exile, depravity in a strange laboratory
Is it a cosmic contest
who is the most backward barbaric bellicose greedy
psychopath?  page 5

Tell how the meaning of sentience as in
the ability to experience suffering
makes us all kin  page 6

All particles reflected exposed rehearsed
by a magnanimous sunny disposition to survive—
devour, destroy yet survive! or…?  page 6

I said I would intone my litany of curiosity  page 7

A head just barely “on”
held by a gorgeous scarf
of rainbows & galaxies  page 7

one tries curling up inside of
why if and why  page 13

the saint in me
light rails of
imperceptible emotion  page 17

seeing is always “seeing as…”
as “art educates perception”  page 21

& she wondered
what animals must be sacrificed to the colonization of time?
to the colonization of cities
colonization of oceans?
of planets  page 31

first you have the “dissolution” sequence: earth, water, fire, wind, & space
then the “generation” sequence: wind, fire, water, & space  page 35

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