Our Class

Our Class

Friday, March 30, 2012

Lauren Again

Life Amongst Ruin

The trench was once a storm drain.

Its center the collector of muddied precipitation,

once virgin pure,

fallen from the sky.

Vegetation was scarce,

and the soil unfertile.

The grounds had not been nurtured,

the only beauty sprouted from weeds

growing from rough edges.

Even though light had not yet shown on it,

the ground stayed sacred, as the

earth around it was overcome by man-made


As nature around it was

violated, the trench bred

more beautiful, the landscape

developed natural beauty.

The stream of rain water molded waterfalls

through fissures between rocks. No longer a storm drain,

now a pond. Mother nature’s storms fostered wild lilies

in fertile soil. Ducks flocked to the pond,

as their only sanctuary amidst the

chaos, where they were safe.

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